IT governance & control

If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it


Drive your company’s success

You and your colleagues in leadership roles are in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing programs, projects, and the success of your entire organization.


You’re focused on the big picture

What’s the purpose of what you’re doing? How will it play out in the end? You know your organization’s mission and how you contribute to it. Can you grasp the larger context and the interdependencies of related processes?

It’s about seeing and understanding what you manage

You demand transparency, and rightly so. But to get it, you need the right structures and processes. You need the selected information that your IT organization makes available — and you need it in a form you can use.


Be a holistic leader — use your knowledge, intuition and empathy

Learn how to stake out the boundaries. Get people on the right track. Set goals. Lead and motivate. Start connecting people and topics by using theory, intuition and empathy — and you will get results.

Take advantage of our keen eye for the core of the issue

We employ experience, methodology and passion to help you:

  • set up your project and program structures

  • establish management systems that fit your corporate culture

  • design dashboards and systems to track targets

  • empower and coach your managers

  • conduct objective audits and reviews of planned activities

  • support your change process by using social design tools that go beyond conventional management approaches

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