IT modernization

50% of all IT systems are over 20 years old

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Reliably replace your legacy systems

Give your software and data a new home on a stable, state-of-the-art IT solution. Through our Business Continuity Management, we’ll tear down and overhaul your legacy systems, maintaining near-perfect availability during the entire modernization project.

Get a clear picture

During our three-week modernization audit, we’ll analyze your systems and develop modernization scenarios. At the end of the audit, you’ll receive a project roadmap and cost estimate.

Modernize entire IT environments

Our proven approach involves analyzing your IT systems and processes, transition planning and control, make-or-buy analyses, agile software development, product selection, data migration, and finally, a thoroughly-planned cutover.

The goal: stable IT systems that are fit for the future

Project managers, IT architects, software developers and QA staff support you throughout the modernization project. The result is a stable, scalable system that is properly documented and easy to maintain.


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