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The improvement and automation of analyses

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Whether you come from production automation, industry 4.0, mobility and fleet management, logistics, supply chain management or Smart Energy Grid - secure our expertise for your data science projects and the introduction to artificial intelligence. We are BMW's framework contract partner for big data and artificial intelligence: complex environments are our forte.

Two service components for you

  • Under the term Data Science & Analytics we model descriptive, predictive and prescriptive statistical models for you.
  • The AI-Engineering service module comprises software engineering for the embedding and connection to data science and machine learning components in your IT landscape. 

Visualisierung von Data-Science-Analysen

The correct visualization of the results is as important as the analysis itself.

Precise predictive models for high-dimensional data sources

Our specialties are accurate predictive models for high-dimensional data sources with Deep Learning, Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in distributed real-time systems, text mining and information extraction from unstructured data with Natural Language Processing. Applications range from automation in logistics and industry 4.0 to the Smart Energy Grid and fleet management.

Integrate analytical models at the touch of a button

Our software systems automatically integrate the collection and processing of your data, training, deployment and monitoring of productive machine learning models. They cover the entire lifecycle of your analytical models, and you containerize and deploy your machine learning models including monitoring mechanisms at the push of a button. You can also keep an eye on your non-functional requirements such as performance, security and scalability.

The community lives!

We collaborate with universities and publish results at international conferences such as AAMAS 2018, EMNLP 2018 and AAAI 2019, and have won a number of important awards including the Kaggle Data Science Bowl 2018 and the Microsoft AI Award Agency Edition 2019. As an active party in the data science community, we host meetups and speak at conferences. 


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