Test management

Testing is part of software engineering


People are the source of quality

Good QA professionals don’t waste time looking down on developers and pointing fingers. Rather, test management is all about sharing expertise. The test team empowers developers and business analysts to work with employees in the various departments of your company to achieve the highest quality possible. We bring solid academic qualifications to the table. But we feel that ‘people’ skills are just as important.


We take responsibility throughout

We always address the major issues directly. Should questions arise about the project, the enterprise or the testing itself, we will find the answers. It’s important for testing staff to feel part of the team and not be regarded as second-class developers.

Select the proper tools

Tools are indispensable for testing. But pressure to reduce costs is constantly increasing. Success can rest on choosing and implementing the right tools.


Test automation greatly reduces costs

By automating test cases, you can save enormous amounts of resources — the more often software is released in an agile development process, the more you benefit. We know which test scenarios we can automate for you. We have the right processes ready. And we know the tools, inside and out.

Release Factory: one template, six disciplines

With Release Factory, our innovative release management template, you accelerate your software release cycle. Enjoy the stability of the waterfall model for planning while taking advantage of the inherent flexibility of agile software development. Release Factory gives you comprehensive reporting and release management, unified build and deployment processes, integration tests, and preventive quality assurance.

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