Vehicle IT

Software engineering takes the electronics world by storm


A stable E/E architecture gears you up for innovation

Take a holistic view of vehicle E/E across your entire enterprise—with a single architecture for all of your vehicles and stable interfaces that facilitate geographically dispersed teams. We’ll connect the dots between features, software and in-vehicle networks. You get solutions that let you master even large and diverse vehicle lineups.

Your E/E processes are facing a transformation

Customers expect your pace of development to keep in step with consumer IT products yet connectivity in your vehicles is limited by the connections within your enterprise. That’s why we’ll map out a change process that works for your organization: one rhythm, one voice, one pace — for your entire development process.


Your path from the toolchain to an IT system

Tools are a major part of your system environment. But you need a cohesive IT system — one that unifies your E/E architecture, E/E processes and E/E system environment. We specialize in designing and implementing complex business IT systems. We take standard E/E products and integrate them to form a single IT platform. And we have the necessary industry expertise to work hand-in-hand with your departments and IT staff.

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